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As the Rav stresses nearly every week, the shul is not just a place to daven, but a makom Torah. Here is a run down of the impressive number of ways the shul is attempting to fulfill that mandate:

Night Seder - Every night between 8:45 and 10:15 (with Ma'ariv before and after) the shul is full of members fulfilling their nighttime mitvas kevias itim la'Torah.

With more participation, everyone's learning grows stronger. We arrange for help with chevrusahs and the sefarim you need. COME JOIN and give chizuk to the olam!

The Beis Tefillah Siyum HaShas - Last Simchas Torah the Rav announced the idea of making a collective siyum HaShas, with members of Beis Tefillah each taking about 40 blatt to learn over the year, and making a Siyum HaShas next (this) year.

Well, WE DID IT!!! R' Mordechai Bernstein, the coordinator, has checked in with everyone, and we are on target!!! The present plan is to make the Siyum at a grand Melavah Malkah Motzei Parshas No'ach, when the signup for next year's siyum will take place. There are a few outstanding unlearned dafim - those who have joined us during the year (or just now!) and would like to participate in THIS year's,  see Mordechai Bernstein (night seder in Shul or 999-6597) for details.

The Shulchan Aruch Project - Under the guidance of Rav Malinowitz, coordinated by Efrayim Rosenbaum, the Shul has embarked upon learning Hilchos Shabbos ,using the learning materials of the famous Pirchei Shoshanim Semichah Program. There will be a certificate given at the end of learning the "curriculum". We have arranged a minimal cost for Shul members.

Rav Malinowitz gives a "blatt Shiur" on the material every night, and one of the Magidei Shiurim of the Shul give an iyun Shiur on the material of that week every Thursday night at 9:10.  We do about 2 se'ifim in Shulchan Aruch a week. The materials include the sources, the development of the halachah, and modern-day sheilos with the rulings of present poskim. It is all presented in English, as well as being a resource for the original mar'ei mekomos (which is how it is hoped it would ideally be used). We have just about finished Siman 318--the test on it will be given iy"h right after Succos. We are starting a new inyan/topic after that, so come join us! See Efrayim Rosenbaum (992-1782) for more details.

Daf HaYomi Shiur- Rav Gringrass
bulletSunday-Thursday: 8:45-9:45pm
bulletFridays: 9:15am
bulletMotzei Shabbos: Contact Rav Gringrass 991-8972

Day Time Topic Speaker
Thursday 10:30 PM - 11:15 PM Hilchos Shabbos

Different speaker each week

Thursday 9:45 PM Chovos Halevovos R' Malinowitz
Shabbos 7:30 AM Aggadta D'Rabba Bar Bar Channah Shiur

R' Pogrow

Shabbos 50 minutes before Mincha Ktana Minchas Chinuch R' Malinowitz
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